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The society will be holding 5 A/V Retriever Field Trials in the 2023-24 Season


All Aged for 16 A/V Retrievers at Nevill Holt Estate Leicestershire on Monday 18th  September 2023 - see schedule.


Novice 1. for 14 A/V Retrievers at Stubton Shoot, Lincolnshire on Monday 30th October 2023 - see Schedule


 Open for 24 A/V Retrievers at Nevill Holt Estate, Leicestershire on Monday & Tuesday 20th & 21st  November 2023 - see Schedule. 


Novice 2 for 16 A/V Retrievers at Deene Park estate, Northamptonshire on Friday 22nd December 2023 -see Schedule


Novice 3 for 16 A/V Retrievers at Creeton Shoot, Lincolnshire on Thursday 4th January 2024 -see Schedule



Any questions please call or text Angela Hastings (FT Secretary, Retrievers) – 07855 732604. 

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